The Suzuki Method has always been of special significance to me as it is the way I began my piano studies. However my teachers though they had the best intensions were not trained Suzuki teachers. [That’s another story, my musical development].

Shinichi Suzuki taught himself to play the violins in is father’s factory in Japan. So began the ideas for his method.

It emphasises:

  • Listening
  • starting early
  • creating beautiful tone
  • Creating grownups of good character

Sometimes called the “mother-tongue approach”, reading is taught later in general. Students learn to pick out tunes by ear initially so as to develop good tone and technique at the instrument. Repertoire is universal throughout the early stages so students of different instruments can play together.

initially begun with violins, the Suzuki method has expanded to include all the Strings plus guitar, piano, flute, harp and voice. Early childhood programmes have been developed around the philosophy.

Some interesting links:
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