Reading and Music for October

after a long break from tumblr I am back. I have lots of stuff to share so am going to split it up over a few blog postings. So, we will start with the books and music for the month. Mossflower: Redwall book 2 by bryan Jacques. Backbloks Baby-Doctor by Doris Gordon The Cambridge Companion [...]

Reading and Music for September

I am reading some interesting stuff this month. Very eclectic as always. Music From The true Vine: Mike Seeger’s life and music — Bill C. Malone The Artist’s Way — Julia Cameron A book recommended to me many years ago by Judy Collins. > I am listening to William Ade performing Suzuki piano repertoire volumes 3, 4 and 5. [...]

Reading and Music for August

I am reading bits of lots of things but haven’t finished any of the stuff I mentioned last month. So the only new book on my virtual shelf is Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell. This is the sixth in his Saxon/Uhtred series and is rather good. Also picked up On Creative Writing: Manaaging Language [...]

Reading and Music for June

This past month have been indulging in a lot of opera- Debussy, Donasetti and so on. Some very heavy stuff that I am trying to appreciate. As to books I have been reading a lot lately as always — some very interesting stuff. Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews. Very interesting hope there [...]

Reading for May

This month I have been reading much stuff about psychoanalysis and listening to lots of different stuff. Freud and Beyond: A History of Modern Psychoanalytic thought Classical Music: A novel by Joy Cowley — a children’s writer who had at the time of publication of the novel in 1999 written 8 for adults. The Orphan Master’s Son: [...]

Reading For March/April

I have been very busy with Uni and stuff. Nonetheless always reading. A Monk Swimming — Maliki’s McCourt’s memoir. He’s the brother of Frank [Angela’s Ashes ] who comes out a lot more virtuous. M. just whoers and drinks all the time. catching The Current Jenny Patrick’s prequel to her Denniston novels. Is okay. Perspectives on Personality — had [...]

Reading for February

Too much music to talk about in brief this month but here’s what I have been devouring this month. The Percimon Tree: a novel Bryce Courtney’s last RIP. The Fellowship Not a religious book at all but a bio of Frank Lloyd Wright and his times and all the people associated with him. Our Magnificent [...]

Reading and Listening to for January 1 2013

This year I have decided to publish once a month what I am reading and listening to. I will do it about the 1st of every month. Listening to Britten — A Ceremony of Carols/Friday Afternoons, 1995 Naxos Poulenc — Gloria/Stabat mater One of the 1000 classical recordings to hear before you die Jewel — Pieces of You, 1995 Quite nice. [...]

Two Cool things

I have discovered two cool things in the past week: Pandora radio is available in New Zealand is available in New zealand, finally What does this mean? Pandora is customisable radio. You type an artist and it searches its databases based on the musical features [DNA] of that artist. It’s really cool! I have [...]