News and Travels, mostly the latter

Went to Melbourne, Australia for the weekend of the 20th May to the Monday the 23rd. Finally have time to blog about it. Melbourne is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings and Victorian architecture. Ma and me went shopping but she didn’t buy anything the whole weekend. The first day, we had lunch [...]

Dr Doris is calling me!

So I have to qualify as something. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social sciences which I earned in 2013. They told me the BA is not a work qualification. but this I learned only about halfway through the degree. I got my degree but did not get very good marks and [...]

I want to meet Doris Gordon

Perhaps a better statement would be “I want to be Doris Gordon” for just one day. Whatever the case may be I can’t because she is long dead. Wikipedia says shewas an obstetrician, general practitioner and women’s health reformer. in the 1930’s the press called her a “human dynamo” and pasted her copy about the [...]

Remembering Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger [1919–2014] is probably the greatest influence on my musical development as a folksinger. Collins has taught me how to sing but Seeger has taught me how to be [if that makes sense]. He was the first folksinger I ever heard — I was 5 — seems a long time ago now. I came home from school and [...]

Follow Me Up to Kaeo

I have been enjoying the hospitality of my friends, Collin and Diane in Kaeo. We have been having much fun — playing random games, going everywhere on Google Earth and I have been giving Di iPad lessons. On Tuesday came up on the bus. Trip was boring and slept most of the way. The drivers, Shannon and [...]

Judy Henske: Mutual Admiration

Judy Henske is a singer-songwriter who lives in Pasadena, Calif, with her husband of over 30 years keyboardist, Craig Doerge. The latter was recently featured in Rolling Stone. Sometime last century Henske was born in a little farming community in Western Wisconsin. She went on to become “The Queen of the Beatniks” but was not [...]

In Kaeo

For the past four days I have been in northland enjoying the hospitality and company of my friends,, Collin and Diane Brown. They are WWOOF [world wide opportunities on organic farms] hosts. This means they take in people from overseas who work for their food and lodging. Collin, who has lived in the area for [...]