Studio Policies

The following defines the professional relationship between student and teacher and is expected to be followed:

  • Students will receive one thirty minute lesson per week..
  • Payment is to be made in advance in 4 week blocks. Costs of student home materials and other material costs should be met by the student and will be charged for accordingly. .
  • Students must commit to the first month of lessons to give the process a fair go! After the first month, if you decide to stop two weeks’ notice should be given.
  • If any lesson is cancelled by the teacher a make-up session will be arranged for a mutually convenient time. If the student needs to cancel please give at least twenty four hours notice. If this happens, the teacher will endeavour to reschedule a lesson but this is not guaranteed. Less than 24 hours notice that student will still be charged for the lesson.
  • If students do not show up for lessons they will still be charged for the teacher’s time.
  • It would be appreciated if one parent can be present at lessons with their child until the child is 14 years old.

Last updated July 2017.