Talking Braille

I wanna talk about Braille! It’s so cool that us blind folks can write in Braille on iThings and on computers with external displays. Wouldn’t it be cooler if we could write braille directly on such devices? Applehas already started the work by making braille built-in to their IOS platform. I dream of the day [...]

Braille app

It seems rather cynical to write and tell you all that there is a new braille app for the iPad. Well there is. It’s called ibraille notes and is exclusively for the iPad. And I am very impressed. First off the app has backspace and new line keys. This is a plus. The premise is [...]

Braille In IOS 8

Just had to blog and say hhow cool I think Braille screen input is in IOS 8. It’s a very promising start. The editing functionality some braille users have come to love in mBraille will come slowly. One glitch with the built-in braille is that it doesn’t work with all the apps especially blogsy. Blogsy [...]

iMovie and some other Stuff

There is not much happening around here. I am going north tomorrow for a brief retreat — back Saturday. But that’s not what I came to talk about. I cameo talk about iMovie for IOS. It’s so cool. It’s so accessible. I can make a movie by myself with minimal help from somebody. Check out this effort [...]