IPad Issues — Virus maybe?

Well recently I have been mucking around with website building on the iPad. I have been looking up all kinds of stuff to do with web design on my Mac. Yesterday my Mac caught a virus, Bankworm, which I managed to remove. But now my iPad is acting strange. I was trying to do something with [...]

Braille app

It seems rather cynical to write and tell you all that there is a new braille app for the iPad. Well there is. It’s called ibraille notes and is exclusively for the iPad. And I am very impressed. First off the app has backspace and new line keys. This is a plus. The premise is [...]

I Found Something Cool!

The RocHCI group are working on some exciting projects. I heard of them when I googled “blind photography” iPhone [exactly like that]. Up came an article, Supporting Blind Photography which talked about an app for the iPhone called EasySnap. What EasySnap did is give aural feedback to a blind person as they positioned the iPhone’s [...]