Just Stuff

Music of Poulenc pounds around me as I write this blog this morning. Poulenc is weirdly beautiful. I am in the process of applying to be a Simply Music teacher more on that later. The method was developed in Australia and has students playing great sounding pieces from there first lessons. Have been thinking of [...]

Some News

Got an email yesterday saying that the movie is finished. This is great news but more on that later. I have just discovered that Joanne Harris [author of Chocolat etc] has a tumblr. What’s more she has interesting things to say on it. check it out at Interesting news is coming from her corner — was just [...]

200 Words of Bullshit!

A wee while ago Noelle McCarthy, an Irish broadcaster and columnist for the Herald here in New Zealand, published a 200 words of nothingness in the newspaper. So now it’s my turn. Not much is happening right now.. Seven more sleeps before I get to California! I am very much looking forward to my trip [...]


Now I am borrowing Uni Wifi as I have paid for it and never use it. I am listening to E type and i think of some random things. * Why is it that he and me always end up here together? This place is usually amad house on Wednesday.* Why the hell did I [...]