How I Read Books These Days

There are many options open to the blind to read books these days. Even as early as 15 years ago there were not so many. I remember desperately wanting to read something and having it read to me by somebody. But now all has changed. There are quite a few options for the blind to [...]

The card for the week of November 4 2013

For this week’s little delve in to mystical thinking I am using the Healing with the Faeries Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. The card drawn was “raising your standards”. It seems oddly fitting for New Zealand for the Mayor of Auckland has just been embroiled in a sex scandal around his extra-marital affair. [I am [...]

Reading and Music for June

This past month have been indulging in a lot of opera- Debussy, Donasetti and so on. Some very heavy stuff that I am trying to appreciate. As to books I have been reading a lot lately as always — some very interesting stuff. Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews. Very interesting hope there [...]

Going on Holiday

Today I am going on a little Holiday to Tk which is a bout an hour south of here. I am going to stay with Ann and we are going to a concert tomorrow. The show is by a group called Operatunity. They are singing songs from the 60’s and 70’s. I am reading Society’s [...]