I sent it on holiday to fix the mail issues and now it’s back! Works a treat, just like it did before it stopped. Reckon a certain person changed some settings and it malfunctioned.

But this post is not about why that happened. I want to tell you why I love my Mac! I really do! It’s so much better than Windows.

Here’s why in brief:

  • Accessibility!
  • Ease of use
  • Good sound
  • Lots of flexible apps.

I was very impressed with the iPhone and iTouch and their accessibility features. Apple’s built-in screen-reader, VoiceOver, really worked- it made the touch screen accessible for the first time. And this wasn’t a lie! It really worked!

After sometime with these devices I was eager to try a mac. I had heard about VoiceOver for it and wanted to see how it worked. The Mac I first played with was old but I could see the potential with VoiceOver and figured it could only get better in later versions.

And it was! I went shopping and asked sales assistants to show me their mac computers. I was very impressed with all the great things that are said about the Mac in its press kit- the fastness, the ease of use, the intuitive nature of the interface. But most of all I was impressed with VO and the fact that for half the price I could get a computer accessible out of the box and ready to use. Hell, I could even set it up by myself!

Once over the herdle that it wasn’t Windows and didn’t work like so, I found the Mac easy to use. With VO to tell me what to do and what not I began to discover the whole artistic world of Mac.

One gets so much of a better idea of how things are laid out on a mac than on a PC. The experience of web-browsing, for example, is more fluid as are so many other things.

“Mac comes with great [intuitive] apps,” says Apple. I couldn’t agree more. Here we have a built-in music studio, wordprocessor, mail, etc. They all work with VoiceOver.

The mac is an artist’s computer. With my iPhone I can take an arty photo and edit on my mac without even being able to see.

This is why I love my Mac. Enjoy the journey.