Perhaps I am a little too young to be writing like this. But…

[whose cool website you’ll get to if you click on the link] says I should write my autobiography. I have had many requests from friends over the years to write it. But I don’t think I have much to say in that regard. Let me tell you one story-the story of a song.

I was a few months short of my 21st birthday when I recorded the song, by the pensylvania folksinger, Anne Hills. Hills has written two mill songs. The other is The Sond of The Looms which I might upload one day as I recorded that too last year.

I heard the song on her duet album with Michael Smith [ The Dutchman ] and fell in love with it. I was scheduled to go in to studio to record yet another demo with Nick Corbett and this was one of the songs.

It seems to be taking off- people like it in my occasional shows.