Woke up this morning to discover a stranger on my Skype list. Leastways I thought it was a stranger but it wasn’t. Somebody had changed their Skype name.

It’s bad enough when somebody puts quotes around their Skype name so they appear at the top of the list. At least that way one knows who it is. But changing the Skype name altogether? That’s crazy.

I know it is possible to be anything, anybody on the internet. It’s harder to masquerade as a girl, let’s say, if you talk on Skype and actually you are a man. A study reported in Time Magazine a while back said that one’s FaceBook profile was more likely than not to reflect oneself.

On some parts of the internet I am called Gudrun Miller. I do not use the pseudonym any more. It got so crazy the Gudrun had her own email address and so on. But fortunately my life as Gudrun miller is almost over.