Jingle bells FaceBook smells Tumblr go away
MySpace yuck Foursquare Sucks
Twitter all the way!

I have already talked about why I like Twitter but the above silly parody of a christmas carol made me think about FaceBook. I send my tweets and my tumblings to Fb because I know people who follow me there want to know what I’m up to and they like to see photos. Most of the world is on FB not here on tumblr or Twitter.

FaceBook sucks for blind people because all people do there is put photos and links to stupid games and horoscopes that are inaccessible. Now, if people put captions on the photos, it’d be a bit more interesting. However, not many people do that accept if you’re Judy Collins who writes thorough ones.

FaceBook is also becoming grossly inaccessible to update. I tried to write in the combo box where it says “What’s on your mind?” but it wouldn’t let me. So, FB is now TELLING us what it wants us to say.

In that wonderful book whose author I forget, The faceBook Effect the wonderfulness of FB is discussed at length. The author talks about what happens when somebody puts something on FaceBook that motivates people to DO rather than sit at their computers. This is the FaceBook effect in action.

if you ask me, Twitter is much better at doing that.