I have always been interested in taking photos. When I was a little girl my Grandma had an old camera in her toy box and I would take great pleasure in pretending to shoot photos of people with it. Then when I was eleven my parents gave me a camera for my birthday- it was a red cokacola camera. I loved it! I took lots of photos of things and people.

In case you don’t remember, I am blind. When I got my first camera phone [a Nokia with an 8 megapixel camera] I took photos of everything again. It was great fun.

In 2009 shortly after I discovered Twitter, I began putting photos on TwitPic. People look at my photos but never post any comments- kinda cool when they don’t know that I’m blind. Now I have a Mac computer, an iPhone and iPhoto. I caption all my photos on the computer. I try to do it as I take them and get them off the phone. Now, I want a proper camera again- one that can take a good picture better than 5 megapixels I have on my iPhone.

Over the past few years Ma Haswell has sent me articles and useful links to blind photographers. I read about the exhibition held in Japan every year. I hope to send my photos there some day.

Photography is fun- it’s of real things and less messy than abstract painting. The other day I showed my photos to a former photographer who said “She has captured things in a simplistic, non seeing way which is kinda cool!”