On May 1, 1939 in Seattle, Washington, the world first heard the beauty of a voice. Her name was Judith Marjorie Collins and she would go on to introduce the symphony to popular music and bring such artist as Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell to international acclaim. Collins, in the 60’s had a reputation as “the singer’s singer”.

I first wrote Judy Collins in 2000. She wrote back to me and sent me free CD’s. When Judy joined FaceBook sometime in the last couple of years we hooked on there too.

I met Judy in the Autumn of 2006, not a happy time of my life. Her songs, ever so slightly out of reach, have saved my life many times.

Collins, like the music she sings, is gentle, a soft touch. She can call a spade a spade and gives some sage advice if the occasion warrants it. She has tried her hand at many things besides her principle art of singing including pottery and painting.

Thank you for letting me in if only a little as I shed my woes with you perhaps too much. Thank you for writing In The Spring Time and Big Sur and so many others. Thank you Judy for all.