p> Last week I was in Gisborne visiting Sam and her family. Week after next I am going to Kaeo to see Collin and Di.

I like going on holiday. Up in Northland it is very nice, very spiritual. It is good for recuperation and reflection. New Zealand’s founding document was signed up there at Waitangi. The Waitangi grounds are beautiful — lots of natural things and trees for those who want or can to talk to. Busby’s house is there too.

Gisborne was a long trip through all the little towns a long the east coast and then some. It was cold and there was snow on the mountains. The country is beautiful but Sam’s house is rather depressing. On the way down I listened to music and talked to a bus driver travelling as a passenger to get a bus at Rotorua. Yvonne had an interesting life. A prodigy at the flute, she injured her hand 13 years ago and cannot play any more. So she is driving buses and loves it.

On the way back there wwas nobody to talk to though the bus was chocka with people on the commute. The bus driver made a good commentary. All in all a fun trip though there is not much in Gisborne to speak of.

To return briefly to Kaeo, Northland, there is not much there either. There is much unemployment and social strife. There is a museum where the figure head of the Boyd is on display, a bookshop and some other stuff. Nearest big town is Kerikeri where one makes a transfer from a big intercity coach to a smaller Northliner bus. I am looking forward to my trip.

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