I began my mystical journey when I was 15 and spent my grandmother’s birthday money on a tarot reading. I was very fascinated by the tarot cards — how did they work ? Why are they so accurate? Why are they poo-pooed as unscientific?

We turn to religion for the need to know. We turn to more spiritual, mystical practises because we want to know even more and, to a certain extent, want to believe we are immortal. Attendance at organised religious events [I am talking about christian churches] is declining. Mysticism is very popular as the baby boomers grow older.

Somebody asked me recently where I get my standards from. The short answer is from the Bible as Christian standards are at the heart of western government. Some people, I told this person require a stricter moral code hence they develop beliefs around the bible or other book religions.

Then there are the free spirits such as myself who are outside christianity but still believe and practise mysticism. I am a practising psychic and spiritual healer. I firmly believe that such work is necessary. Nobody should play God — the big events are up to Him [or whoever you understand Him to be] However the little events in our day to day life are up to us. We can control them and can turn to psychic readers and healers to help us. We need to know things.

I must stress that the psychic reading or spiritual healing session is not the be all and end all. It is certainly not a substitute for medical intervention.

I plan to do a bit of a tarot reading for the world once a week and put it here on my Blog. As people use the Bible as an oracle, or a dictionary, the Tarot or an oracle deck will be used here.

I shall commence in the next post.