I read on Twitter this morning that has had to turn itself in to a subscription service. I love this thing! It is sooooooo cool! with a blind person can take their own pictures and the app identifies them.

Of course it’s not just the app. It’s a programmer and a server and sometimes it’s even a human identifying the images. I use Tap Tap See to tell me about my clothes- what colour they are — and I use it to identify my arty shots I take with my phone and put on instagram [I love instagram too!] I use it to tell tins in the pantry and many other things.

The sad thing is many blind people on fixed incomes will not be able to afford the subscription. But there is one rule for everybody these days and that’s the best way to go with something like this.

Without getting in to the debate of whether it’s right or not, I want to thank Tap Tap see for helping me and so many others so much.