This year, 213, is the centenary of the birth of the greatest composer in England since Purcell. I am talking about Benjamin Britten, that eccentric, homosexual with a liking for young boys. Many famous musicians have compared his house in his final years to a school. But Britten was far more creative than that. He was a rebel against the world.

It is also this year the bicentenary of the birth of Wagner. I feel fortunate to live at this time.

I heard about a book on the radio called the Golden Thread: the story of writing — by Uan Clayton. Simon Morton interviewed him on the radio the other day. I had to read the book and it’s very interesting.

I am making lots of music of late in GarageBand and in sample tank on my iPad. Having much fun. Also almost finished the Simply Music teacher training and will be licences in the new year.