What is Markdown? I thought this the other day so I googled it. {http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax”This document will tell you all”.} But in brief I will tell you over the next few paragraphs. 
the idea is simple. Let’s write the internet as we would write emails grin 
Incidently I am writing this using the language. Just wanted to try it out — see if it works. 
So, I can write a paragraph without adding any code because Markdown knows I am writing a paragraph. I can add emphasis using asterisks as one does in emails like this! Isn’t it great? 
this is the way people write on {http://en.wikipedia.org/main_page/“Wikipedia.”} And speaking of that — but that’s another story… 
the thing is Markdown is incredibly like HTML. It takes less space according to its inventors. So do we need it? 
it is incforibly popular and has made it into many places besides Wikipedia including this very cool Mac app I am writing with right now. Alas, the very cool app I use to blog on the go, {http://www.blogsyapp.com”Blogsy”} hasn’t got it yet. me and a friend think it’s rather useless, markdown is. nonetheless it made writing this thing today quicker. now to see if it can do what it says….

Maybe not — am I doing something wrong? I’mleaving all my crazy code as is as the idea is that markdown documents can be published without any adjustments to the HTML.