It’s almost here! an accessible camera for the blind. And it comes in a product that lots of people use — the iPhone.

With the iPhone’s built-in screenreader technology, VoiceOver, and a little app, the talking camera is here!

Here’s the story. The iPhone camera is accessible and it’s quite a good one — has 8 megapixels on the iPhone 5/S/C. The camera itself is accessible with VoiceOver. Problem comes when trying to name the photos. IOS names them with the date and time stamp but this is not really useful to blind photographers.

Enter PikSpeak Camera. This is the app that you can use as you would your iPhone camera. only difference is it records audio at the moment of shot so the problem of naming photos is pretty much over! You can audio tag your existing photos and when you go through the gallery inside pikspeak camera it plays the audio tags.

You can even share them on FaceBook and Twitter. Only thing I want is integration with instagram to share the images.

In an aside there have been apps emerging over the past few months that do the same job as PikSpeak camera. One, specifically designed for blind people, is called Talking Gallery but that’s only available in the US.

So I am having much fun tagging photos. Thanks to the developer.