Okay today I got a phone call from a friend who asked how to use a bluetooth keyboard in IOS 8. It’s relatively easy but takes some getting used to. So I am writing this post on how to do it just so folks don’t keep asking me as someone told me and now I seem to be sharing it with everybody.

Turn on QuickNav by pressing the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard together. QuickNav allows you to use your advice as if the VO keys were always down so you don’t need to press them.
To get around the screen just use your arrows, left and right.

When you want to open something use the up and down arrows together. This is the equivalent of a double tap.

Now comes the tricky part…

When you want to enter text first use the up/down arrows together to activate the text field. Then turn QuickNav off by pressing the left/right arrows together. You can then type as normal.

When you are finished typing, put the QuickNav back on by pressing the left and right arrows together and find the send button.

Hope this helps everybody who is asking.