Well I had an eventful day yesterday — an eventful week really. On Tuesday my trusty old MacBook pro died. Spent a lot of time on the phone with Apple trying to fix it but it was dead. So now I have a new computer — a MacBook air, so much faster than my old pro, just a better computer in general with a smaller hard drive but I can learn to live with that.

Anyway, yesterday… First thing Aunty Judy turned up to pick up John’s coffee grinder.

I must tell you about the coffee grinder. It’s an antique and it’s huge. Ma and Dad went to pick it up from Eden Terrace after John saw it on Trade Me. Took two people to lift the thing. And Aunty Judy said John needed to get his head read. Then we went to lunch which was very nice.

And now… This is the exciting part.I have this early birthday present in the form of a new computer and I’m trying to authorise it. but because my old computer is dead I cannot de-authorise it. So I look up apple who tell me I have to unauthorised them all. So I do tthat.

When i come to authorise the new computer iTunes comes up with an error message and code. So it was another call to Apple technical support.

First I spoke to a Chinaman in Auckland. we did some stuff to the computer — rrepaired the permissions. But iTunes was still coming up with the error, 45054.

So I got sent up through the echelons of Apple support. The adviser managed to fix my problem by going in the back end and hacking the system a bit. It was a permissions error we had to fix manually.

So all’s well that end’s well. I have a working computer and it’s great! Thanks Jimmy!