Last night I went to a concert at the local sschool. My mother is chair of the school board.

The show was very good and the kids sang and danced very nicely. There was a little choir and the mass sung as well. They are very good singers and dancers but they have no music programme — funding does not allow for one.

I have long dreamed of starting a Kodaly programme in New Zealand. Many people have tried over the years to make our schools singing schools.

In Hungary every school is a singing school. They learn music daily a long with reading, writing and maths. They have the best music education in the world. Hungary has many orchestras and choirs for one small country. Most people sing and play instruments. It’s all because of one man really, Zoltan Kodaly.

His disciples really established the method after his death in 1968 and it has flourished everywhere. I have written here on this blog about the Kodaly method before so I won’t go on about it in this post.

But just maybe there is a model for a singing school in this little school down the road from my house. It would be so cool to start one. I can dream.