There is a lot happening at the moment. I am keeping busy which is why I haven’t found time to tumble lately.

I am looking for the ultimate social networking client. Turns out one has to use a lot of different things to get the social media experience I am looking for.

Here’s what I want:

  • Something that can share cross many different sites
  • Something that gives relevant suggestions
  • Something that can take different types of media

I almost thought I had it in tumblr. It’s a lot of fun but its IOS app leaves a lot to be desired in terms of accessibility. I have tried buffer which is very elegant and user friendly but can’t connect to all the social networks I have accounts with. I also have on my phone Flip Board — your social news magazine which has a lot of stuff in it and is very popular. It will do almost all i want accept audio posting — that’s what AudioBoom is for.

And then you have to connect everything up — FaceBook [which I don’t like any more,] Twitter, Tumblr. It’s a total wilderness.