I put the above in to google because I wanted to see what progress had been made in this area since I last looked. Everything that came up was about how the blind enjoy movies so I decided to write this thing about how the blind make movies. There was this YouTube video of blind folk talking about the experience of movie-going which is essentially the same as anyone else going to the movies and enjoying them.

Technology is changing the way we as blind people can be a part of the movie-making experience too. It’s all in the iPhone and mac and for the most part the apps are accessible to blind people using IOS’ built-in screen reader, VoiceOver. Blind people can be part of an artistic world hitherto unknown. it’s great fun.

For me, as a blind person, making movies is about making realism rather than abstract. I have talked at length here and in other places about the importance of this and why I got in to photography. Making movies is an extension of photography for me. And even photography and movie-making can be abstract.

I am not that good at making movies. I made this video on Queen Street in Auckland. I also took some raw footage of my piano students and made some slideshows. I am currently perfecting the art of editing blind with iMovie.

I encourage my blind friends who have access to the technology to try their hands at making movies. A wonderful world of self expression awaits.