So i was reading this news story today that was a listing o the top 20 Leonard Cohen songs and people’s reminiscencs about them. Such is the inspiration for writing this post. i have included links to YouTube videos if available.

1 Send in the Clowns by Stephen Sondheim Judy Collins is the singer in this vid and I like it much better when it is sung rather than talked to pitch. In the musical A little night Music It’s the love ballad. out of context it could be about almost anything. I Love the way the meaning of this song deepens with hearings.

2 Big Sur The singer in the clip is me because nobody has put it on YouTube yet. Judy Collins wrote this song about… It’s hard to say. I love the mysticism inherent in it. It’s downward melodic contour and Debussyan accompaniment a hallmark of Collins’ later work.

3. Downtown by Petula Clark I first heard the song when i was about 7. I like it because it is so up-timpo, carefree. Tony Hatch’s first song for Petula and her first in English as a mature woman.

4 Priscilla Herdman — Thanks to mother mercy The song was written by David Mallett [Garden Song]. i don’t like the original that much but there is something about herdsman’s rendering that is really cool. The song is a politically aware one — about the uprising of the underdog.

I could go on forever about songs. But these are my faves long term. Hope you all enjoy them too.