Yesterday went to buy an sd card reader for my Mac which, alas, doesn’t have an sd slot. $12 later I had one but I also found out some interesting stuff while in JB HiFi.

Kelly, one of their tech assistants, who calls me Margaret when my name is Mara showed me the drones. Yeah, they sell them. I thought they were still on trial. Now the only thing I really know about them is that Amazon is trying delivery with them in the States and I read someplace that Pizza Hut is going to try also.

A drone from JB comes in about $129 to start and the most expensive is about $500. They look rather nifty, cool. They come in all sizes and are little helicopters. They take about 2 hours to charge up and you get about 7–15 minutes in the air depending on the drone. You fly it with a smartphone or tablet with an app for the particular drone.

I also got a look at the iPad Pro which was also rather cool but I’m not buying one. I’m happy, very happy with my iPad air.