So I have to qualify as something. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social sciences which I earned in 2013.

They told me the BA is not a work qualification. but this I learned only about halfway through the degree. I got my degree but did not get very good marks and I learned I don’t want to be a psychologist or a music therapist. Being a music teacher is great fun but something is lacking in my life.

Last year I told you all about Doris Gordon in brief. She is our Mary Breckinridge for my american readers. But what did she do? How did all she accomplished come to pass? She tells us in her two volumes of autobiography, Backblocks Baby-Doctor and Doctor Down Under which are good primary source material published in 1955 and posthumously in 1957 respectively.

I have had her on my brain for a long time and I thought why not turn her early life in to a novel. But then maybe not. Why not write a full biography as there is not one available. there are sketchy bios in school textbooks that I read in fifth form [year 11] but not a biography. There is one on Alice Bush, a later health reformer but not on Dr Doris.

so I am thinking about that.

I am also thinking about dementia a lot as my grandma is in hospital [but she doesn’t even know where she is] and she may have dementia. But that’s all the goss right now.