I am dressing up my WordPress site which everybody says already looks quite stylish. Mostly I am discovering new folks to follow.

In other news, I am recording songs. One of them, White Wings I have put on You Tube. I am also listening a lot to the work of Stan Rogers and hope to record one of his songs, Lies.

I am also back writing again — just keeping my feet wet. Am working on a biography of a famous person who I know a lot about.

ON Wednesday I am going to a meeting about a choir of elderly people. They have asked me to be their accompanist.

My radio show is taking a week off [they will be playing a rerun] due to a scheduling booboo. Hope those who never heard it before will tune in.

I’ll be going to see HMS Pinafore in Tauranga in a fortnight. The production has some great New Zealand actors in it — Paul Barrett, Helen Medlyn, George Henare. I’m very much looking forward to it and spending time with Aunty Judy.