This one’s about why a blind woman would want an action camera — indeed why a blind woman would want a camera at all.

The short answer is I want one for the same reasons anyone else wants one — to preserve memories and be a to share them with other people who can see obviously.

I thought the concept was rather cool when I first heard about a GoPro but when I got my hands on one I was surprised how small and compact it was. But the coolest thing about my GoPro is that one can talk to it. It has voice control! You can say “GoPro take photo” and the camera beeps and it takes the picture.

The other cool thing is you can connect it to your smartphone and control every asspect of the camera remotely — you can turn things on/off and so on. The app that does this is fully, almost, accessible with VoiceOver, the screen reader built in to IOS.

All this stuff is genuinely why a GoPro or any action camera is cool! But it’s especially good for blind people like me who are artistic and want to create arty action shots.

All they need to do now is to make the GoPro talk and bring object recognition to it. Then everything would be perfect. Sure there are apps for one’s phone that can do the object recognition part of the equation but they cannot do the videos. I might have to write to GoPro.