I want to share with you all about my Geographical to Sydney. What I didn’t tell you was I was going to see a friend and was abandoned to my own devices by friend for most of the week I was gone.

On Sunday April 2, I walked a mile up the Pacific Highway to find somewhere to cross it. I met a very helpful person who showed me the way and where to find the best coffee in the area. Harry and Pier’s became my watering hole for the week for breakfast. Special thanks to Dan who made me great coffee and Geordie — the mastermind behind the beeff burger, bacon and egg roll and chocolate brownie almost as good as my mother’s.

On the Monday afternoon I went to Hornsby to the big mall right off the train line. It must be understood I had been left in a little suburb where the most exciting thing was to catch a train to someplace more exciting. So I went to the mall, a Westfield, and bought a tripod adapter for my GoPro.

On Tuesday went to Chatswood Chase , the best shopping mall on Sydney’s North shore. I didn’t buy anything there — too expensive.

Also went to Willoughby to check out Heavenly Energies. This is a lovely little shop on the main drag of Willoughby which sells gemstones and rocks from all over the world. I bought a quartz geode for $32.

On Wednesday took a bus tour all around the Sydney CBD and out to Bondi Beach. The tour was expensive but well worth it. I took the train to Central Station to meet the bus — a long way. The audio quality of the commentary was great and people were very helpful.

ON Thursday visited May Gibbs’ Nutcote cottage and gardens. This was interesting even though I had not read May Gibbs books. I bought the most famous one back with me to get educated.

Then on Friday took the long — though not as long as I expected train trip to the airport. I was there super early!

All in all, this was my big adventure. Food at the hotel I stayed at was not that great and they didn’t serve breakfast. Nonetheless I survived.