I love the music of the early 20th Century French composers, Debussy, Poulenc etc. So when I heard there was a concert by New Zealand’s premiere chamber choir, Voices, >/a> I jumped at the chance to go.

They had done a concert here in Auckland a few weeks ago – a sell out performance commemorating World War I. but this one was in Tauranga part of the Local arts festival. So I hit up dad’s Aunty Judy for the weekend and the show [Thanks heaps!] and went down there last weekend.

We actually went to two concerts. The one mentioned above and the Tauranga Country Music star awards. It was two hours of yeeeha! and all the songs sounded sort of the same but some great singers including young kids.

The Voices show was worth the trip. The songs were light and cheerful and some were a little bit down. The choir were in good form and the sound was great! Aunty Judy enjoyed more than she thought she would.

There were songs by Poulenc “the little lost dog”, “The hedgehog”, and Debussy’s “Salut Printemp”. Also a quirky five-song cycle inspired by Picasso animal pictures.

So here’s to spring! I wish you a pleasant one!