Now the time has come to report on the GoPro experiment. Some of my friends have been eagerly awaiting me to write about this . It has taken so long just because of life things getting in the way.

When I decided I was going to buy an action camera there wasn’t much about blind people using them. There still is not so hopefully someone will find this blog helpful. The only things I could find were about a blind man in England who strapped a GoPro to his guide dog (Google for more information.) There was one helpful article by a blind man but that appears to have been taken down. No amount of googling would bring up anything about the article where I discovered a GoPro Hero session was probably the best camera for me to use as a blind woman.

It was a rather interesting article in that it talked about how to set up the camera but did not show any videos the guy had taken. I am not showing any videos either because there are plenty of other places to see shots of my dog.

So i went to JBHifi and got my hands on a GoPro hero 5 session. I was amazed at how small it is. One of my blind friends said later it looked rather like a dice with a glass front. It is essentially that with two buttons – a record button on the top as the glass faces away from you and a menu button on the side facing you.

To take any footage, all you have to do is push the big record button on the top of the camera. There is also voice control. When this is on you can tell the camera to take a photo or a video. Otherwise the easiest way to keep tabs on things is using the GoPro app.

The app is almost accessible. It was better when I first got the GoPro as all the buttons were labelled but GoPro have taken the labels away for some reason. It’s relatively easy to learn what buttons do what when you open the app.

With regard to the apps for computer, I was pleasantly surprised to find the GoPro studio app is accessible with a few minor adjustments to label some buttons.

In regard to using the camera itself, it wasn’t as easy as all that. I found Voice Control to be very helpful even though I sometimes put the camera in timelapse mode when I wanted a single photo.

Nonetheless, I like my GoPro. Have taken a few doggy videos and some photos with it. Despite the negatives highlighted in the above review from YouTube, it’s a good piece of kit.