Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) came to the conclusion by the end of his life that listening was more important than practising. He had many things wrong about technique on the violin but this he did have right – listening to high quality recordings is important.

That’s why you are given the foundation recordings as part of the package you buy from Simply Music. These are good, i.e. high quality recordings. They are good to practice accompaniment and to listen to. Some of them have words and you or your child can learn to sing the songs.

This blog has, perhaps, a better explanation of the type of listening you need to do to the recordings. This is essential but I must also add a plug for passive listening. When ever you listen to a piece of music you can learn about it.

Put the tracks on your iPod or music player of choice and listen to them in the car, or while doing something else. you will be surprised at the knowledge you gain while your brain is relaxed.

Sometimes I may tell you or your child to listen or do some project “with religious conviction”. I thought this was a good place to explain what I mean by that. In short, do it every day at least once a day or however many times assigned. As you go to church on Sunday, you would not miss this so you must do as part of your musical journey too.

Please enjoy it!