While Italy is singing from the rooftops and others are behind the piano, New Zealand is preparing for lockdown as of midnight tonight, Wednesday. I am pasting below the email i sent to all of you re continuing piano lessons.

Hello all-
I am writing this as a group email as things are happening way quicker than I even expected. I was hoping to see you all in person at least once more but that probably won’t happen.

Here is what I propose:
I was hoping to continue delivering lessons online in real time but what if the internet goes out when we have to get together?

I have therefore decided to continue not in real time. Who has Dropbox/google drive? Files can get large so email is not necessarily the best way to go with this.

What I want you guys to do is upload recordings of your assign projects. They do not have to be good recordings – you can use your phone/tablet to do it.
I will give you feedback and then more work to do via an audio recording.

You can also send me recordings via email but they will be bigger.

Let me know if you think this will work for you.

Stay safe! Be kind to each other and play the piano to soothe the soul a little.