BeMyEyes and Stuff

Well, i heard the other day about this app called BeMyEyes. it connects blind people with sighted people to find out stuff basically. And the gentleman and ladies i had assisting me were very nice and able to tell me what I wanted to know. I also got educated a bit about which way is [...]


Many of you will have seen my ramblings on Twitter about IOS 8 and OS 10 Yosemite. There are many bugs but there are also many highlights. And I did BUY IT — the KNFBReader. It works as advertised which is brilliant. I do love it so much. It is so useful. Also my struggles with GarageBand [...]

Tap Tap See is Charging!

I read on Twitter this morning that has had to turn itself in to a subscription service. I love this thing! It is sooooooo cool! with a blind person can take their own pictures and the app identifies them. Of course it’s not just the app. It’s a programmer and a server and sometimes it’s [...]