News and Travels, mostly the latter

Went to Melbourne, Australia for the weekend of the 20th May to the Monday the 23rd. Finally have time to blog about it. Melbourne is a beautiful city with lots of old buildings and Victorian architecture. Ma and me went shopping but she didn’t buy anything the whole weekend. The first day, we had lunch [...]

Reporting In

Well, a lot and not much has happened since I last posted here. Most exciting news is me and Ma are going on holiday to Melbourne, Australia, for the weekend. We shall return on Monday. We hope to shop and have fun! The weather there looks the same as here — cloudy and a little rain. In [...]

I’m going north!

As I write this I am heading to Northland to spend a few days with my friends, Collin and Di brown. Intercity Northliner finally has WiFi on the bus so I am using it to publish this blog post. In other news I am learning the repertoire for level 4 of the SM programme. my [...]

Follow Me Up to Kaeo

I have been enjoying the hospitality of my friends, Collin and Diane in Kaeo. We have been having much fun — playing random games, going everywhere on Google Earth and I have been giving Di iPad lessons. On Tuesday came up on the bus. Trip was boring and slept most of the way. The drivers, Shannon and [...]


p> Last week I was in Gisborne visiting Sam and her family. Week after next I am going to Kaeo to see Collin and Di. I like going on holiday. Up in Northland it is very nice, very spiritual. It is good for recuperation and reflection. New Zealand’s founding document was signed up there at [...]

Going on Holiday

Today I am going on a little Holiday to Tk which is a bout an hour south of here. I am going to stay with Ann and we are going to a concert tomorrow. The show is by a group called Operatunity. They are singing songs from the 60’s and 70’s. I am reading Society’s [...]