Singing School

Last night I went to a concert at the local sschool. My mother is chair of the school board. The show was very good and the kids sang and danced very nicely. There was a little choir and the mass sung as well. They are very good singers and dancers but they have no music [...]

Music Education II: The Kodaly Method

This method is a natural extension of being a folk music buff as the learning material is drawn, in the early years at least, from folksong. When I was about 15, my singing teacher at the time introduced me to a method of writing called tonic sola. I had only heard of this in fun [...]

Music Education IV: The Dalcroze Method

Emile Jacques Dalcroze was a swiss music teacher in the early 20th century. He discovered that his University students had some skills lacking when it came to feeling a beat and counting. I first came across him when I was very young and went to music classes where we met So-Mi and his brother La-Mi [...]

Music Education I: The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method has always been of special significance to me as it is the way I began my piano studies. However my teachers though they had the best intensions were not trained Suzuki teachers. [That’s another story, my musical development]. Shinichi Suzuki taught himself to play the violins in is father’s factory in Japan. [...]