Selfies At Work

So I was searching for something to read the other day. Went to Whitcouls to look through their best sellers intending to buy one online but they were all old ones — Hunger Games, Harry Potter…, Tuesdays with Morrie. So I went to Audible .com and started to look for new books by my faves or ones whose [...]

Selfie sticks are banned — wtf?

Fuck — what happened to the selfie stick? I read in the herald that the palais de Versailles has banned selfie sticks. The Louvre, also inParis, hasn’t but is reviewing its photography policy constantly. I was saddened to hear this. I got a selfie stick for my birthday and find it vuseful. I also have a tripod [...]

Some Events

Got a little crazy with thefreeddove tonight. Was taking “selfies of myself” — well duh, of course a selfie is of oneself. See, it was my birthday on Monday and I got a selfie stick from my dad. Dad thinks the stick is very cool as you can bluetooth it to a smartphone and take photos. Hence [...]