So I was searching for something to read the other day. Went to Whitcouls to look through their best sellers intending to buy one online but they were all old ones — Hunger Games, Harry Potter…, Tuesdays with Morrie.

So I went to Audible .com and started to look for new books by my faves or ones whose work iI follow — Tracy Chevalier, Joanne Harris etc. Trashy, escapist novels really. And when I was out of those, I started searching random things like selfie.

And all the queens and kings of the internet came out. They are all writing memoirs about things outside their internet lives. One is called I Hate My Selfie How cool! There are also books going around about making the best selfie but they are like 1 minute long and who wants to spend $20 on a minute of audio.

All they have recommended to me is about the civil war — the American one [1861–65]. But now I am off my civil war season having read some very good histories.

There are also books about social networking which I might read. But the whole endeavour is getting rather useless like the selfie.

I rather like selfies by way of disclaimer. They can be interesting when you put them to work.