Well I haven’t blogged in a while but some folks in Canada and other places are telling me they’re out and they want more. So guys, here it is!

Judy Collins who is my idle says she likes my cover of her song, Big Sur which I have put as an audio-only clip on YouTube. So because she is my fave singer in the world and she just has a new album out today, I said thanks. Was on cloud 9 all day yesterday. Thanks JC for writing such a great one.

In other news have updated to IOS 9 and am rather liking it.

Now to the nitty gritty of this post. I think the news is so depressing. I used to be a news junkie until I got depressed and decided the news was more depressing than I wanted to be.

But seriously, where is the good stuff? i open twitter and I see all this stuff about Rugby world cup [RWC] 2015 and all this speculation about whether the AllBlacks are going to win or not.

And then there is the really depressing stuff =- the guy who got arrested because his teacher thought the clock he made was a bomb… The other guy who got shot, basically for being someplace at the wrong time. And then there is some hopeful stuff but that’s just an aside.

I am tired of the rugby world cup — so tired. So, why the hell don’t I just get off social media? That’s the way we find out things nowadays and to stay well-informed and connected I think I ought to stay.

So, that’s it folks, am off to watch depressing movies about drugs on tv… not!