I’m going north!

As I write this I am heading to Northland to spend a few days with my friends, Collin and Di brown. Intercity Northliner finally has WiFi on the bus so I am using it to publish this blog post. In other news I am learning the repertoire for level 4 of the SM programme. my [...]

Follow Me Up to Kaeo

I have been enjoying the hospitality of my friends, Collin and Diane in Kaeo. We have been having much fun — playing random games, going everywhere on Google Earth and I have been giving Di iPad lessons. On Tuesday came up on the bus. Trip was boring and slept most of the way. The drivers, Shannon and [...]


p> Last week I was in Gisborne visiting Sam and her family. Week after next I am going to Kaeo to see Collin and Di. I like going on holiday. Up in Northland it is very nice, very spiritual. It is good for recuperation and reflection. New Zealand’s founding document was signed up there at [...]