Well, it’s been a long time since I last posted here. I have 162 posts here. How great [like you all care.] Nonetheless, my tumblr turned 3 years old today [see below this post for that]. I am very busy doing stuff.

Today is Saturday. It’s the dog’s favourite day because he gets to stay home and play instead of going to work. It’s my busiest day.

I teach pretty much all afternoon on Saturday. I have great fun with my pupils who are now spread across the levels of the SM curriculum IE the first 3. My training marches steadily on.

Of late I have also been taking a lot of time lapse video but they look kinda boring. I have also discovered Vine — twitter’s video looping/sharing service. You can only make 6 second videos with it.
And that’s all for now. see you when I see you.