So it’s another update to IOS for another year. Some of it’s cool and some of it’s crappy.

I like some of the cool ideas and features [“Hey Siri” anybody?] but there a lot of bugs.

I updated knowing about the bugs. When I updated the phone started speaking different languages as it always does but it didn’t speak English like an australian. took me a while to figure out it was actually speaking English.

And now the exciting things! Braille Screen input is here! It’s kinda cool though I am still getting the hang of it. So cool we now have access to interrated keyboards in IOS.

And then there is the clock. If you tap it it tells you the time. And that’s cool. The calendar reads the date as well.

But there are bugs with Bluetooth keyboards. I managed to get mine to work again with help from Bill. He told me to turn quick nag on and open with up and down arrow together. To type, turn quick nag off and do it that way. A little cumbersome but I think this is a new design thing.

And there is Alex- the Mac voice. I haven’t downloaded it yet but Bill says it’s great and fast and responsive.

And that’s all I can think of right now. Gotta run!