I talked about favourite songs on WordPress. I will do it again here because I think it’s interesting. But right now I thought I would talk about my favourite authors.

  1. Bernard Cornwell — A historical novelist who writes and researches very thoroughly. All I know about the Vikings [well not quite] I learned from Cornwell’s novels.
  2. Joanne Harris — an extremely prolific writer who has written everything from Chicklit to children’s/YA fantasy. She is most noted for her Chocolat trilogy. The first book was made in to a film and the others are just as cool and creepy!
  3. Tracy Chevallier — best known for her historic novels, *Girl With a Pearl Earring, Falling Angels * and so on. Pearl Earring was a bestseller but she has some other beautiful writing with famous people in it. It’s rather romantic writing.

I could go on forever about authors but these are the ones I look out for new work by.