Note this blog post -as well as being a note of thanks to some people – could get rather technical. You can skip it if you like. I had to get anew computer. Thanks to Joe at Harvey Norman for sorting it all out. Basically I had to get a biggert mac with more memory as my old one had been so used and abused by me it died. Goodbye MacBook pro 2016 and bring on the new 2018 model!

This post is mainly about the trauma of getting the new mac working – a process that should be seemless but was not all that seemless.

When I got it home I put all my stuff on it only to find I had to update first as my backup was on a later version of Mac OS. So I did that and there was all my shit looking very messy on the new mac. I had to do a big tidy up and once that was done it was very cool! One problem…

It talked like an Ausie chick. her name is Karen and she comes with all the macs and Windows PC’s if you buy a screen reader. But I would rather a man than a woman to talk to me all day. So I started googling about how to get Lee, the other Ausie voice on my mac. After much hunting on the internet I found out how to do it.

But having changed the voice in all the usual places, it was speking half and half. What I mean is sometime not was an ausie chick and sometimes a man. So I rang Apple support Took about an hour and two advisors, Matt and Jay to eventually fix what was wrong. We had to do a lot of scary stuff – reset P.ram and the system controller, create a test account…. and suddenly all was well.

Thanks to Jay and Matt for their help today. Also Thanks to the anonymous land of the internet which helped me out with Flume, the app for instagram. And all’s well – I have my favourite Instagram experience back and all my stuff is here.