Hello to everybody after such a long time I am updating this blog to tell you what is going on.

Last year I took a day job to make a bit of extra money. I returned to my alma mater, AUT, to work as a notetaker. I had done the same job while I was studying for my bachelor of arts. I enjoyed going to classes and writing for those who for some reason cannot write their own notes. Good news is AUT has extended my contract til the end of this year and will be in touch later to confirm availability.

I will continue to teach the Simply Music piano programme this year in my home studio. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in February and hope you have practised all summer! I know this i a big ask but nonetheless. I ask it of myself too.

I will be attending the second Braille Music retreat later this month. This should be a lot of fun – three days of music-making. Can’t wait!

I hope to be a more regular blogger this year. I have also been playing music by myself on periscope and instagram singing songs by Stan Rogers, Anne Hills, Judy Collins and others. See you on the road…