I Have talked here before about my digitisation project and the software I use to make it possible. I recently took this up again.

I have imported all my CD audiobooks on to my Mac. It is amazing to me that I read so much trash when I was younger. Now I read mostly nonfiction. Now I have to decide whatt to do with all the books. Ma says donate them to my grandmother’s retirement home and I might do it but am still not sure. and then there is the next problem, what to do with the cassettes? Nobody probably has a cassette player any more accept me.

I have about 50 CD audiobooks and countless cassettes – my whole, very english childhood of reading is on cassette. Some of the adult reading is too as I was slow to switch to CD. the tape was easier to manage – you could stop it and it would stay where you stopped it . Listening to a novel you need this.

In other news, I continue to notetake at AUT and students come to me for piano lessons. I am working on another post on how to be a better pianist – won’t spoil the surprise – you have to wait til I finish it. It will be under studio notes very soon.

That’s the day’s news for now.