I have been so busy lately that I have not been a regular presence on any social network or blog. I’m still here, yes yes, I’m here… as the sondheim song says.

I continue to work for AUT as an electronic notetaker 2-3 days a week. This makes me a little money but, more importantly, I have fun, meet some interesting people and learn heaps going to lectures and writing for those who cannot writhe their own notes. (but if they put me in PSYC780 again… nah, jokes it was great to see C again and be immersed in stuff I studied – a kinda brief refresher course.)

In the studio world, congrats are due to K.B who has completed level 3 of the Simply Music piano programme. Also to HB (not related) who has just finished level 4. I have also taken on some younger beginners the past little while and we are having much fun with the Play A Story programme playing butterflies and frogs on the piano. Actually we play all kinds of animals and all kinds of moods. It’s great fun! Get in touch using the contact form on this website for more information. Adults and older kids can learn too! everyone is musical and it’s never too late.

in my Internet radio life, Viva: The classical Music Show on MushroomFM, the home of the fun guys, is still out there. There will be some new shows soon – like in the next few weeks – beginning with a serialisation of the 4 Schumann symphonies. More info will be published on that blog when the time comes.

To top off this Queen’s Birthday weekend, I just heard that my radio boss, Jonathan Mosen, has been made NZM. I must publish my congratulations to him as we here in New Zealand as blind folks are all indebted to him for his advocacy work and others overseas know his voice from Internet radio land over many years. keep on keeping on Jonathan!!!