Why I Finally turned on UEB

This post will probably only be of interest to my blind readers but am putting it here anyway… For sightlings who don’t know what I am talking about here are a few definitions and a little background. In 1900 there were a lot of different systems of writing for the blind in English. Apparently Helen [...]

Instagram Stories?

So Instagram has introduced this thing called Stories. Apparently it’s rather like SnapChat but I’ve been there for a month and kinda haven’t found a use for it accept for making meself look good and it’s there for 24 hours. Some blogs have said that instagram is about sharing people’s finest moments and Stories is [...]

Favourite Authors

I talked about favourite songs on WordPress. I will do it again here because I think it’s interesting. But right now I thought I would talk about my favourite authors. Bernard Cornwell — A historical novelist who writes and researches very thoroughly. All I know about the Vikings [well not quite] I learned from Cornwell’s novels. Joanne [...]

A word on SnapChat

Last month SnapChat made itself accessible for blind people, almost. I say almost because there are 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen that are not labelled. I commend Snapchat for doing this. But let’s skip back a bit. A while back I posted on http://www.anchor.fm asking what Snapchat was. I first heard of [...]

On Wagner

Ihave been devouring the past few days at night a lecture series on the music of "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/wagner" Wagner It’s a very good, interesting lecture series by Prof. Robert Greenberg. Wagner was an absolute bastard. He wanted so much to be somebody during his lifetime but didn’t get anywhere. He was constantly in debt and often [...]

Trying markdown

So I am trying this markdown thing again because: * Apparently it’s easier than HTML * Something about it appeals to me because I’m slightly eccentric Am trying ByWord because everybody on the web says it’s good. Not much to report today. Just playing with this markdown thing.

#Ask me Anything #Scope

Hello to all my followers here on Wordpress!Tomorrow morning local time I will be doing an ask me anything scope on periscope. For those of you who don’t know Periscope is a real time live video streaming platform owned by Twitter. Tomorrow you can ask me about music, blindness and anything else you care to. [...]

A Brief Report

Well after months of absence I am pleased to say I am still here. I have 3 voluntary jobs — one is the FMU I have done it for years, the other is with RYAN [Refugee Youth Action network] and the third is the role I have held for many years on the Blind Citizens local committee. [...]